The Top 3 Trends That Are Shaping the Future of Wholesale Distribution

The B2B accounts receivable landscape is changing rapidly. Yet many wholesale distributors still run their AR departments the same way that they did 20 years ago. They rely on old-school technology, paper checks and manual, error-prone processes.

This eBook outlines the top 3 trends wholesale distributors must pay attention to today in order to remain competitive.

  • Changing customer expectations
  • The growing role of the finance team
  • The dreaded Amazon effect.

By fully understanding the trends shaping your world, you can utilize them to lead and succeed.

Published by Katie Canton

Katie Canton has been helping companies develop and implement successful social media, content marketing, and marketing communications strategies for more than 10 years. Since joining VersaPay in 2018, she writes on topics such accounts receivables automation, Customer-Centric AR, collections management, and fintech.

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