How Can AR Automation Help Your Employees Work More Efficiently?

Accounts receivable teams undertake many manual and tedious tasks on a day-to-day basis which negatively impacts operational effectiveness and team morale. In this video, VersaPay CMO, John McLeod, describes how businesses can automate many of those manual tasks. By implementing a solution that does much of the heavy lifting, time is freed up to manage […]

Other Than Borrowing Money, How Can Businesses Increase Their Working Capital?

Without an effective means to collect, businesses have great sums of money tied up in accounts receivable. As the cost of capital increases, they need to find cost effective ways to unlock that working capital. VersaPay CMO, John McLeod, explains how the most readily available means of increasing working capital is through automating the AR […]

Why Do Some Digital Transformation Projects Fail And How Can You Avoid Those Pitfalls?

There are many aspects that need to come together when successfully implementing and driving technological change throughout an organization. In this video, VersaPay CMO, John McLeod, discusses why some digital transformation projects fail and explains what steps you need to take to avoid those common pitfalls.

What Are The Key Problems That AR Automation Solves?

Implementing AR automation has positive impacts across the entire scope of an organization. In this video, VersaPay CMO, John McLeod, describes exactly how a company can benefit from automating its AR process, including; improving core metrics and financial efficiency, better reporting, a stronger understanding of the invoice to cash process, and better decision making at […]

How VersaPay ARC Solves Key Accounts Receivable Pain Points

In this video series, you’ll hear from our customers how automating their accounts receivable has solved key accounts receivable pain points including getting paid faster, saving time and money, collecting smarter, applying cash easily, gaining insight into AR and making customers happy.

Finance Professionals Share their Accounts Receivable Challenges

We interviewed finance professionals, ranging from CFOs, Controllers to Credit and Collections specialists, to find out their accounts receivable challenges. We’ve captured their answers in this video above. Take a look to see how they are tackling these challenges with VersaPay ARC. 

The Challenges of Managing Accounts Receivable

Businesses today face many challenges when it comes to their invoicing and accounts receivable process. Some of the common challenges include: difficulty matching payments to invoices, constantly having to resend copies of invoices,  fielding many customer inquiries about invoices, offering a customer experience that is less than expected, unable to accept credit card payments in […]