Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Midmarket Accounts Receivable Automation Software [IDC MarketScape]

The fallout from COVID-19 has made it clear to accounts receivable (AR) professionals that to adjust to the “new normal,” they need better transparency, flexibility, and visibility into their collections and cash management activities. For businesses looking to solve these challenges with AR software, this report is a must read.

How You Can Preserve Cash Flow to Strengthen Business in a Slowing Economy

This report was prepared by Modern Distribution Management, a niche media and market research company focused on global wholesale distribution and industrial/construction product markets.  The report appears below in its entirety and is also available in PDF format. Use good cash flow management to succeed in any economic condition. The lifeblood of any organization, operating […]

Deloitte: Strategies for Optimizing your Accounts Receivable

Given the cost of new capital, no business can afford to let their existing capital go to waste. However, some businesses don’t realize how much cash is trapped on their own balance sheets. Freeing up that cash – by optimizing their working capital – delivers more than improved operational efficiency. It also gives companies the […]

Hanse Orga: 5 Good Reasons for Ramping up Your Receivables Management

In a time, when increased pressure is placed on corporate financial experts to deliver more value at lower costs, it is worthwhile to investigate solutions to optimize the “back-end” of the credit-to-cash cycle. Enhancing the receivables management process can introduce significant benefits to the working capital management of a company and offer a tangible return on investment. This […]

IDC Vendor Profile: VersaPay Automates the Accounts Receivable Process

IDC profiles VersaPay’s cloud-based accounts receivable software, ARC™, that helps B2B companies get paid faster and make customers happy. This IDC Vendor Profile provides insight into VersaPay ARC™. It examines the capabilities of VersaPay’s technology and the trends within the market VersaPay is addressing, as well as the related challenges and opportunities for growth.  Click […]

Blue Hill Research: 5 Steps to Select The Right B2B Receivables Solution

Are you thinking about a B2B Receivables Solution to improve your invoice-to-cash process? In this Blue Hill Research Report, analyst Scott Pezza takes you through what you need to know to select the right B2B receivables solution for your business. If you are considering a B2B receivables solution, you are probably facing the challenge of inaccurate […]

Blue Hill Research – Selecting the Right Receivables Solution

Need to improve your AR operations? Here’s how to select the right solution. Efficient and effective execution of invoicing and payment is a central part of your company’s financial health. Anything that serves to introduce delays or inaccuracy contributes to higher levels of Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), inflated labor costs, and lower customer satisfaction. It […]

PayStream Advisors: Leveraging the Power of AR Automation

AR has been slow to innovate. Are you leveraging the power of AR automation? Cloud-based AR automation solutions provide a user-friendly invoicing portal where customers can receive, view, and pay their invoices online, making the reconciliation of multiple invoice payments quick and easy. In this PayStream report, you’ll learn how the power of AR automation […]