How to Transform Your Accounting Processes and Boost Profitability

Transforming your finance processes doesn’t need to take months or years. But to achieve rapid results, you need a plan. This eBook outlines the five steps that will put you on the fast path to success, including: The 6 questions to ask yourself before you get started How to assemble the right team Which metrics […]

Why Now is the Time to Transform Your Accounting and Finance Processes

Finance and accounting teams are risk adverse by nature and may not want to make the changes that are necessary to address the current challenges facing the wholesale distribution sector. But in today’s world, not doing anything isn’t the safe option.

Common Challenges Preventing Wholesale Distributors from Achieving Financial Goals

Dated systems and time-consuming processes harm your cash flow, margins, and customer experience. With slim profit margins, you can’t compete with Amazon on price so to stay competitive, you must improve efficiencies and customer experience.

The Finance Leader’s Ultimate Guide to Digital Transformation in Wholesale Distribution

The Wholesale Distribution Sector is at an Inflection Point. Faced with rapid market changes and increased competition, will you rise or sink? The Finance Leader’s Ultimate Guide to Digital Transformation in Wholesale Distribution provides a five-step finance transformation roadmap that you can use to make your finance and accounting department more efficient.

The Top 3 Trends That Are Shaping the Future of Wholesale Distribution

The B2B accounts receivable landscape is changing rapidly. Yet many wholesale distributors still run their AR departments the same way that they did 20 years ago. They rely on old-school technology, paper checks and manual, error-prone processes. This eBook outlines the top 3 trends wholesale distributors must pay attention to today in order to remain […]

6 Ways to Transform your Accounts Receivable with VersaPay ARC

Traditional invoicing and accounts receivable methods are inefficient with manual tasks, delays in invoicing and posting payments, plus time-intensive collections efforts with little insight. That’s why VersaPay focuses exclusively on the invoice-to-cash process and offers its cloud-based, intelligent AR solution, VersaPay ARC™. This eBook will detail 6 reasons why VersaPay ARC is the right accounts […]

eBook: 5 Reasons to Accept B2B Credit Card Payments

While corporate (B2B) credit card programs are forecasted to grow 85% by 2018, it’s surprising that less than 15% of B2B organizations accept credit card payments. Sure, B2B card transaction costs – interchange and processing fees – were valid deterrents in the past; but it’s a whole new digitized, consumerized, real-time world today. Simply: if […]

eBook: How Clean Data Can Get You Paid Faster

There are many reasons for payment delays, but have you thought about your customer data being one of them? This eBook will shed light on the state of today’s data-centric world and how the prevalence of “big data” has companies focused on data security, but not integrity. This is shaping the world of data that […]