The 9 Steps Needed to Successfully Implement Your SaaS Finance Solution

As mentioned in our last blog, choosing the right SaaS solution to transform your accounts receivable and finance function requires more than a comparison of features and prices. When changing a part of your business that impacts the three most important areas – people, cash, customers – organizations need to choose a vendor that is […]

Implementing a New Technology Solution? Here are 6 Essential Steps for Change Management Success

Change is the one thing that you can count on in today’s world. Whether your organization is pursuing change actively or is being forced to change due to external factors, with changes always taking place, businesses don’t have the option to stand still and survive. This means that processes, strategies, and systems in your workplace […]

5 Ways Your Finance Team Can Stay on Top of its Receivables Today

The End of Economic Prosperity As reported by the International Monetary Fund, the United States is now in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Unemployment, retail sales, economic output and industrial production are all at record numbers. In this time, it is critical for organizations to recognize the severity of the current situation, […]

The Risks of Not Accepting Electronic Payments

The present economic environment is leading organizations around the world to make stark realizations about their current business processes. Of particular concern, business leaders are learning how unsustainable traditional payment methods like checks and lockboxes can be, and they are looking for new ways to enhance or replace their existing systems to bring continuity to […]

Streamline Your Collections with AR Automation

The current global environment has turned ordinary business on its head, forcing companies to come up with creative solutions to adapt to the rapidly evolving and uncertain economic climate. For those businesses that rely on a manual collections process, this puts a wrench in an already tedious and time-consuming undertaking. With remote work expected to […]