Versapay and PYMNTS Publish Research Based on 400 CFOs’ Insights on Digital Transformation in Accounting and Finance Departments

Toronto, ON—July 19, 2021—In partnership with Versapay, has published new research examining the digital shift currently taking place within finance departments and the driving forces behind it.

Understanding Payment Processing: Payment Processor vs. Payment Gateway vs. Payment Facilitator

Behind the scenes, a credit card transaction has many moving parts. In this blog, we explain the difference between payment processors, payment gateways, and payment facilitators and their role in processing credit card transactions.

Versapay Enhances Customer Experience With New Unified Product Architecture

Toronto, ON—June 15, 2021—Versapay Corporation, a leading provider of cloud-based payments and accounts receivable automation solutions, announced new advancements to its technology stack that will improve the customer experience for users across its suite of products.

How To Save Up to 40% on Credit Card Processing Fees With Interchange Optimization

With interchange optimization, you can greatly reduce your cost of accepting credit card payments, helping you provide the convenient payment experience customers are looking for. Learn how you can save up to 40% on credit card processing fees in this blog.