How You Can Preserve Cash Flow to Strengthen Business in a Slowing Economy

This report was prepared by Modern Distribution Management, a niche media and market research company focused on global wholesale distribution and industrial/construction product markets.  The report appears below in its entirety and is also available in PDF format. Use good cash flow management to succeed in any economic condition. The lifeblood of any organization, operating […]

The 9 Steps Needed to Successfully Implement Your SaaS Finance Solution

As mentioned in our last blog, choosing the right SaaS solution to transform your accounts receivable and finance function requires more than a comparison of features and prices. When changing a part of your business that impacts the three most important areas – people, cash, customers – organizations need to choose a vendor that is […]

Implementing a New Technology Solution? Here are 6 Essential Steps for Change Management Success

Change is the one thing that you can count on in today’s world. Whether your organization is pursuing change actively or is being forced to change due to external factors, with changes always taking place, businesses don’t have the option to stand still and survive. This means that processes, strategies, and systems in your workplace […]